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STM32f0 - I2C EEprom > 1Mbit - i cant get it run.

Question asked by Jens Woermann on Feb 26, 2016
Dear Madams and Sirs,

im trying to programming / and reading an 1Mbit EEprom with STM32F030x.

There are some issues i am working on and make me some headache.

Im using the STM32f0xx_i2c files for working and a Keil Compiler

My first problem is:
Im using one of our internal libarys to write and read to the eeprom. It
is programmed as discriebed in the the STM Reference Manual and worked
fine with EEprom values lower 1Mbit.

I added a second adress byte to the adressing and put the value of
sending bits in the I2C_TransferHandling to 2.

But when im looking to the data with a Osciloscop I see only one adress
byte. In case of writing it seems that the 2nd one is puting to data
(because i have to rise the data by one to the former version). In case
of reading the start byte / device select byte for reading  will be send
after the 1st Adressbyte. The 2nd adress byte is missing.

The other issue is: When im putting the 2nd Adress byte to the code the
routine will not more handle the waiting for the TXIS flag after setting
I2C_TransferHandling at the start. It looks like hanging up there. This
work also fine, when i'm only using one byte of adressing.

I try to programm the routine new, in a different way - by using
I2C_SlaveAddressConfig(); I2C_NumberOfBytesConfig(); I2C_SendData() and
try it a the write routine. This didn't work either with the same
result. the starting routing stopps after the first adress byte.

Does somebody has an example for this task or an idea what is going

Kind regards