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STM32 Jump back to Bootloader Application

Question asked by gkennerknecht on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by gkennerknecht

i know there are many Posts about Problems with Memory Jumping and Bootloaders. But no one of this posts could solve my problem.
I am using an STM32F103VCT6 Mic. Bootloader placed at 0x8000000, Application at 0x8010000. No problem to jump from Bootloader to Application, Vector Relocation works, thats all ok. But if i want to jump back to my Bootloader based at Adress 0x8000000 i´v get a Problem with initialisiation. I couldn´t use a Systemreset, because there are some ports that need to be kept in hi state.
After Jump to Bootloader (i know it works, because i could debug it, and pull a led hi) i won´t get systick and irq´s get running. Vector Table is relocated at 0x8000000.
are there any missing things regarding vector relocation, PSP, MSP?