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STM32F405xx Controller Interface With EEPROM

Question asked by rao_k.govinda on Feb 25, 2016
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One of the requirement for my project is to log diagnostic data periodically over a period of time.

Controller used is STM32F405xx, LQFP64. As it does not have the on chip EEPROM, I want to interface (via SPI) externally.

As per my customer requirement, Diagnostic data and raw data to be logged for every 20 minutes. For one year backup, I need 6.727Mbit (each data set 32 bytes) and write cycles are 26280.


I found EEPROM from ST – “M95M02-DRMN6TP”. Size is only 2Mbits and cost is around $1.5

Even for 6 months data backup also, this is very high cost (>$3) solution for target price of product.

 There are other type memories – NAND flash/NOR Flash which are very cheap. Endurance and Retention time are very less than EEPROM, but looks feasible for my requirement.

-          Are there any other dis-advantages of Flash memory?

-          Is there any low cost solution from ST products? Preferably <$1.

I have read lot of material from on-line, but couldn’t able to conclude. Kindly suggest.