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STM32F105 USB Device (VCP)

Question asked by Nayani.Partha on Feb 25, 2016
Dear all,
I have made a board with STM32F105RCT6 to suit my requirements. I want to use the USB as device (Virtual ComPort). I downloaded the USB libraries from ST, where there is a mention of 105 libraries being different from 103. I am using GCC. I have also seen the example codes in projects. Can some one help me add proper libraries to my project and get the USB going? I tried to:
Create a project in Coocox and GCC throws out compiler errors. Tried editing them (firstly the eval board names). Got error free compile but nothing happens!!!! OR keep getting so many USB interrupts that my systick takes ages to increment a count.

It would be a good idea if some one (perhaps I could do) to write a note on steps involved in creating a USB project for GCC, like files to add to project, removing/editing the eval board names for custom boards etc. Thank you for your time.