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STM32L4 - Comparator open drain and ADC TIM1_CC1 event triggering issues

Question asked by Asaulov.Max on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by Asaulov.Max
I've tried to use comparator output in stm32l476 in open drain mode, but it doesn't work. According to reference manual (page 255) all alternative functions use same output driver and it should be possible to use comparator output in open drain mode. On the other hand, I've done some addition testing and it looks that comparator output is always push-pull. Could someone clarify this or provide link to documentation that clarifies it ?
One more issue that I had is ADC triggering by TIM1_CC1 - it doesn't work for me. I've changed it to TIM1_TRGO2 (that was configured as MMS2[3:0] - 0011: Compare pulse) and it worked right away. Any ideas why ADC triggering by TIM1_CC1 does not work ?