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LWIP Problem

Question asked by erenburg.evgeny.002 on Feb 23, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by Nesrine M

I’ve added LWIP library to my embedded project. Microcontroller STM32F107VC.
When I initialize the LWIP
I get some errors:
section `.bss' will not fit in region `RAM'
region `RAM' overflowed by 18004 bytes   
because the functions mem_init() and memp_init() allocate the memory and completely waist it. As I understand all the settings reside in lwipopts.h that overwrites opt.h. I tried different settings. Actually I took it from ST example - STM32F107_ETH_LwIP_V1.0.0. 
What should I do to get it working?