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Create free embedded hardware design with ST stm32f microcontroller

Question asked by kapoor.makarand on Feb 23, 2016
For all those planning to use ST STM 32F407 micro controller in there next design feel free to use the application hosted at to create free schematic designs.

First a brief about the application
1. User enters Processor, Peripherals[USB, Ethernet, Camera, Wifi, Audio Port etc], Power requirement in DC in the requirement tool section. These are rectangular boxes which are added in a tool area.  
2. Output: Complete Schematic in a minute where based on the above user input the application does the following job:
    a). Processor Pin selection for the peripherals
    b). Component selection
    c). Power, clocks, reset component selection for the user requirement.
    d). Creation of the schematic
    e). verification of the design.
    f). creation of files so that user can download the schematic in mentor, cadence , altium or design spark tool.

There is no catch and you can create unlimited number of designs using the innovative tool with our free library.

Feel free to ask any questions. For a quick overview you can refer the video url
Makarand kapoor