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Resetting bxCAN: CAN_MCR vs. RCC_APB1RSTR

Question asked by k.j on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by Clive One
I have a question to the STM32F103 (high-density device):

After using bxCAN (sending, receiving, using filters, ...) I want to set the CAN-controller in the initial state (as far it is possible without a hardware-reset).

The documentation (referece manual) gives me two ways to reset the CAN-controller:

1. CAN_MCR, Bit 15 RESET -- bxCAN software master reset
2. RCC_APB1RSTR, Bit 25 CANRST -- CAN reset

Is there finally a difference in the result (state of the CAN controller) after the reset?

In which cases I have to leave the clock enabled for the CAN-controller? Is it necessary to have the clock enabled for the way via CAN_MCR? Or must the clock by enabled for both ways?

The current implemented way is:
- disable clock for CAN
- using CAN_MCR, Bit 15 RESET for doing a reset

Should I change anything?

Thanks in advance for an answer.

Best Regards, jk