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CS43L22 play-out is not working

Question asked by Phan.Le_Son on Feb 22, 2016
I copied the CS43L22's schematic design from STM32F4-DISCOVERY. There is only 1 point different in my circuit (a mistake during design) that is VP, VL is 3.3V instead of 3V like STM32F4-DISCOVERY. As per the datasheet of CS43L22, 3.3V is in the working range.
my MCU is able to read\write the control registers on CS43L22 via I2C.
However, I almost don't receive any audio output form CS43L22.

I have measured the signals input of CS43L22 : MCLK, SCLK, SDIN,LRCL. And I see they are fine.
I have streamed my microphone data to USB to verify the audio signal and it is also fine.

anyone can help me to show this problem

Thank you!