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stm32:[cubeMX] freeRTOS lwip dhcp IPaddress

Question asked by so.yc on Feb 19, 2016
Hi everyone. 

I need your's help. 

I use stm32cubemx for init all pins and functions.

and I wonder use FreeRTOS, and LWIP driver. 

My purpose is create LWIP threads, and do TCP/IP communication to my virtual box's ubuntu system. (TCP, UDP echo server and client.)

So, I make IAR project from cubeMX. First time, I didn't use LWIP_DHCP option. at cubeMX's lwip_configuration. Set IP address manually, and my TCP and UDP echo server and client were done very well. 

ex)     Ubuntu(TCP server) <-> board(TCP client)
     Ubuntu(TCP client) <-> board(TCP server)
     Ubuntu(UDP server) <-> board(UDP client)
     Ubuntu(UDP client) <-> board(UDP server)

Next, I USE DHCP option. but, it didn't work. 
So I found why didn't work it. 

First I looked my iptime  router's setting window. ( (DHPC server) . But didn't find my board's MAC addr, and IP addr at 'inside network table.' So I look router's system log. And found my board's ip addr. 

I don't know why It didn't exist at 'inside network table'. But i knew board' ip addr. 

Anyway, I get my board's ip addr. so do TCP and UDP. but, when i use it server i work good. but, client didn't work.

ex)     Ubuntu(TCP server) <-> board(TCP client) --> not work.
     Ubuntu(TCP client) <-> board(TCP server) --> work.
     Ubuntu(UDP server) <-> board(UDP client) --> not work.
     Ubuntu(UDP client) <-> board(UDP server) --> work. 

So, i look my source. 

And found where my ip addr's saved. 

at my main(), freeRTOS's kernel start, and in my defaultTask , it call MX_LWIP_Init();, and in this function, 
void MX_LWIP_Init(void)

  tcpip_init( NULL, NULL );     
  ipaddr.addr = 0;
  netmask.addr = 0;
  gw.addr = 0;
  /* add the network interface */
  netif_add(&gnetif, &ipaddr, &netmask, &gw, NULL, &ethernetif_init, &tcpip_input);
  /*  Registers the default network interface */

  if (netif_is_link_up(&gnetif))
    /* When the netif is fully configured this function must be called */
    /* When the netif link is down this function must be called */

'gnetif' is definedd netif.

So, go to inside of gnetif, and found my DHCP's client addr are saved at here.


So, I add this source at my defaultTask where called MX_LWIP_Init(); 
like this.  
void StartDefaultTask(void const * argument)

  /* init code for LWIP */
  gnetif.ip_addr.addr = gnetif.dhcp->offered_ip_addr.addr; = gnetif.dhcp->offered_gw_addr.addr;
  gnetif.netmask.addr = gnetif.dhcp->offered_sn_mask.addr;


finally, my source are work well. 

But, I don't convince my solution is right solution. 

Is it right solution??? eles, Do I mistake when use dhcp configure?? 

I confused . because, at menual, just I check DHCP option, I could work my source easy.

plz anyone tell me why my source can't work. or, tell me exist other right solution?

thank you.