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STM32 QuadSPI only BANK2

Question asked by denis.denis.001 on Feb 13, 2016
Hello!I have the follow problem:I use STM32F745. I've chosen the QuadSPI interface for flash, to be exact, QSPI BANK2. I make initialization through CUBEMX, using HAL library. I see CLK signal only, there are no other signals. I've revised the generated code of initialization - it's ok. If I initialize QSPI BANK1  - it's ok, there are all signals. I haven't met the definite prohibition of using BANK2 separately. CUBE lets initializing BANK2 without using BANK1. Now I'm working with BANK2 due to initializing of regime of work with 2 flashes, and signals are duplicating.The question is: is it possible to use BANK2 separately? Where's the bug?Any help appreciated!