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Problem using USB in Nucleo F302R8

Question asked by rodrigues.luis on Jul 19, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by Montassar BEN ROMDHANE
Hi all,

I'm using the Nucleo F302R8 to build the firmware for a new board I'll develop using the same MCU.

I'm trying to use USB CDC to have a VCP. I've started with CubeMX with the Nucleo F302R8 template, changed the PA11/PA12 to have USB and PF0/PF1 to have RCC_OSC (config attached) and configured the usb midleware in CubeMX. I've also soldered the solder bridges to connect the clock coming from the stlink to the stm32f3 osc_in pin (to have HSE).

Did all the physical connections to an USB port but when I connect to PC it doesn't detect anything. So I guess I'm missing something. Can someone please help me?