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USB CDC Virtual COM port timeout/Hang

Question asked by on Feb 11, 2016
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I have been tackling a USB issue on the STM32F373VC.

My setup consists of a STM32F373 mcu setup  as USB Virtual COM port. On the host side, commands are sent from a PC(windows7, 64 bit) via a teraterm script.

Once in a while, I get a timeout on a CDC-IN token. I've attached a screenshot of the logic analyzer showing this. Is this an issue on the firmware side or host side?
I've tried changing buffer sizes and it has no effect. Also I can see all the data make it to the host, but the terminal software is not able to see it. Does it point to an issue in the host driver from ST?

My buffers are as follows:
#define VIRTUAL_COM_PORT_DATA_SIZE              64
#define VIRTUAL_COM_PORT_INT_SIZE               8

#define USART_RX_DATA_SIZE   512