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SWD problem "Failed to read memory"

Question asked by Friendship on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by Friendship

I am having problems when using SWD cables to read/write on my STM32F105RC MCU. The MCU is on a custom board. I connect with ST Link Utility but get the error "Failed to read memory" 0x080000xx. At each connect it gives error on different memory places.

My cable-setup is:
Pin on MCU:46    SWDIO, 49    SWCLK, POWER, GND.

I know SWD cables is correct due to I have tested the two different F105RC MCU to rule out error on MCU. I have tested both MCU in a external EEprom burner (flash file to mcu also tested - ok).

Possible errors:

  • No resistor connected to SWDIO/SWCLK
  • PCB layout error?
  • BOOT0/1 is not connected from MCU
  • Connect reset (nReset?)
All help appreciated

I also attach the picture from ST Link Utility if it is not shown in the post.