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FSMC-why do I need it?

Question asked by tiwari.navin on Feb 6, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by kk
hello there,
I've seen on some forums that people are suggesting to use FSMC to interface LCDs. Many LCD drivers also make use of FSMC. So, I tried to find out what FSMC does. ST provides manual that explains all the interfacing info about FSMC. However, I want to know very basic of what FSMC does? Why do I need it? How is it different from normal access? If you could refer me to some link that explains how fsmc accesses external memory and role does the processor plays in all this? I'm using STM32F103ZET6. I want to use emWin drivers to interface SSD1289 LCD driver. But before that I want to have a basic understanding of how FSMC works. Thanks for your time!