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STM32F7: DMA only relieable in first 64k of RAM?

Question asked by CrashAndBurn on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by Richard I

I just discovered some strange behaviour while working with the STM32F7 discovery: The SD card driver suddenly stopped working, because I added some additional buffers, variables in memory, nothing else. After investigation of the problem it looks to me that the problem was, that the SD DMA buffer moved from memory location 0x2000xxxx to 0x2001xxxx. So I simply used a fix location in memory for the buffer and decided to do some further investigation when I have more time.

Today I had some problems with the ethernet Driver. To my surprise I had a memory overlap because of some #pragma location=0x20002000 for the ethernet dma buffers in ethernetif.c (from the cube)
But after removing the pragma, ethernet did no longer work reliable.

All in all it looks to me that there is a bug in the STM32F7...
or am I the only one with that problem? But obvously the cube developers seemed to have it too... anybody else?

Thanks for listening