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Need I2C EEPROM example code for STM32F407

Question asked by cupery.e._nicholas on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by cupery.e._nicholas
I have a project running nicely on a STM32F407 (same chip as on the Discovery 4 board).  It's fairly simple, using only a couple of UARTs and some GPIOs, and it
uses ABSOLUTELY NO STM CODE (including HAL).  I now need to get it to
write/read arbitrary individual bytes of a 2K-bit (byte-wide) EEPROM that is
connected to the chip's I2C1 interface.  I have no experience with I2C, and I find
all STM code and documentation to be incomprehensible.  Thus, I'm hoping someone
would be willing to provide this poor boy with a working example of using the I2C
interface to exchange data with an EEPROM.  I'd be grateful!