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Multiple Channel ADC on STM32 L1 Discovery with CooCox

Question asked by todd.charles on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2016 by todd.charles
Hello STM users,

I have been thrown in 'at the deep' using an STM32L152 in a commercial product design. I have inherited some code which uses the CooCox CooIDE for development and an STM32 L1 discovery board which uses the same IC. I am trying to get 4 channels of ADC acquisition working, either polled or ideally DMA/Interrupt driven. I've been through a few days of trawling the web now but can't seem to find an example which works in this environment. Most of my problems stem from differences in target IC for the examples I have found online. This si my first outing with STM, I'm used to Microchip.

Does anyone have a straight up example of multiple channel ADC on the L1 discovery board that may be compiled under CooCox?

Warmest regards from cold Mid Wales,


my CoIDE version is Version: 1.7.8