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flash memory

Question asked by Mr.Cscn on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by Mr.Cscn
I'm trying to flash memory using stm32f10x_flash library. here the code:

/*in the arm-gcc-link.ld file i added this lines to allocate rom memory for my data*/

.dataconf 0x0807F000:
    } > rom

/*I declared this in the main.c to allocate rom memory */

const uint16_t Pat __attribute__((section (".ROMDATA")));

/* finally the function to flash memory (always in main.c) */

void FlashMemory(void)
     uint16_t IDPat = 1; 
     FLASH_Status FlashStat;
     FlashStat = FLASH_ProgramHalfWord(0x0807F000, IDPat);

FlashStat is FLASH_ERROR_PG.
can you tell me what it means and where is the error?