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I2C2 SMBus commands on STM32F030CC

Question asked by karlis77 on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by dembek.radoslaw.001
Hello everyone.

I was trying to use STM32F030CC  to communicate with device which uses SMBus, through I2C2(which does not support SMBus).
It acknowledges my first write command but afterwards that I2C2 is Busy and hungs.
I noticed that I can't edit I2C2 TIMEOUTR register with I2C_TimeoutAConfig and I2C_TimeoutBConfig, which are SMBUS management functions. 
Also I2C2 gets busy and hungs after I2C_ExtendedClockTimeoutCmd command, which is SMBUS management function too.

Can someone please confirm my concern that I2C2 can't be used with SMBus in any way?