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Is TS_CAL2 missing on STM32F070?

Question asked by daniel on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2016 by Clive One
Hi everyone -

In the datasheet for the STM32F070, the table that lists temperature sensor calibration registers (section 3.10.1, table 3) only gives the details of TS_CAL1 (the 30deg c calibration value).  The RM approriate to this processor (RM0360) includes an example that references a 110 deg c calibration value TS_CAL2 (at address 0x1FFFF7C2).  The 0x1/0x2/0x8 series datasheets (RM0091) include both calibration registers in the same place.

I've double checked latest docs by following from so I don't think I've googled an out of date version of the data sheet.

Can someone confirm with certainty that its reasonable to use the 0x1 datasheets and the 0x0 reference manual's appendix example for the TS_CAL2 value, i.e. this is an error in the 0x0 datasheet, or do the 070 series parts in fact not have the second calibration value - which seems not very useful - and its the reference manuals that are wrong.