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Spirit1 STack packet mode fixed length?

Question asked by Scott Lohr on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by Scott Lohr
I am trying to configure for STack packet mode using fixed length packets with
4 preamble
4 sync
1 dst addr
1 src addr
0 control
80 data
2 crc

The total of above is 92, but data sheet says the length is only inclusive of addresses + data length. So what should I set the PCKTLEN1_BASE and PCKTLEN0_BASE registers? I tried setting to only 82, but auto ack is not working.

As an experiment, I set to use variable length mode and on Rx side, read RX_PCKT_LEN registers and see that they are set to 92.

Also to note, when configured for fixed length mode, on Rx side read RX_PCKT_LEN registers after getting a packet and they are ZERO.