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MASS Storage DATA flow

Question asked by on Jan 24, 2016
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Dear Community,

while experimenting with CLIVES SDcard to USB example [1] I checked the dataflow inside the function: int8_t STORAGE_Read to understand what data are necessary to make a mass storage device (e.g. from a paper tape reader). However my investigation stopped since I cannot figure out how e.g. an ASCII text- file is read – I just see that the first symbol is read while the notepad (WIN7) shows the entire content.

SD_Read Addr: 00000288 //dec

Len:  1

Content:   99     c             63           b01100011

It is true – the first symbol inside the text file is really a “c” however where are the remaining symbols ? (By the way I also didn’t observed inside the dataflow how the directory data was transferred)

I would be very happy if someone could point me where the remaining data are transferred.



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