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STM32F4 timer 13 as master for timer 12

Question asked by Vlasenko.Pavel.001 on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by Vlasenko.Pavel.001
Can`t get the TIM12 to work in slave mode from TIM13 as master.

/* TIM13 clock is 1us */
TIM13->CNT = 0;
TIM13->PSC = ( TimerBusClock / 1000000U ) - 1U;
TIM13->CCR1 = 0xFFFFU;
/* TIM12 is slave to TIM13 */
TIM12->SMCR = 0;
TIM12->SMCR |= (TIM_SMCR_TS_1); //ITR2 as trigger source
TIM12->SMCR |= (TIM_SMCR_SMS); //External clock mode 1
TIM12->ARR = 0xFFFFU; //autoreload register
TIM12->CR1 |= (TIM_CR1_CEN);
TIM13->CR1 |= (TIM_CR1_CEN);

I can se that TIM13 is running, the CC1IF flag in SR register is set, but TIM12 remains 0 and not counting.

According to RM the TIM12 ITR2 (page 664, table 100) is connected to TIM13_OC, but I can`t find any details on what the "TIM13_OC" signal means (is it OC1REF signal, or OC1 signal or something else), and if the TIM13 must be set to a specific output-compare mode to work as a master and clock the slave timer.

Anyone tried to link this timers?