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How best to turn PWMs ON and OFF from interrupt handler

Question asked by Jim Seymour on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2016 by wolff.roger
We have a design that drives 12 LEDs using PWM outputs spread out over five different timers on a STM32F030.  We further control the LED dimming by turning the PWMs ON and OFF from a timer interrupt handler.

I've found that sometimes turning a LED on or off will affect a different LED.  I'm wondering if I'm doing the right steps in my interrupt handler.

Because the PWMs in question may or may not be running when the interrupt fires, I do the following to turn them ON:  (Example is for channel 1 of TIM15)

if (htimp15.Instance->CCR1 != 0) {
   TIM_CCxChannelCmd(htimp15.Instance, TIM_CHANNEL_1, TIM_CCx_ENABLE);

And then this to turn the PWMs OFF:
TIM_CCxChannelCmd(htimp15.Instance, TIM_CHANNEL_1, TIM_CCx_DISABLE);

Does this seem correct (and safe to do in an interrupt handler)?