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Code execution FLASH & RAM - STM32F756xx

Question asked by Robert on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by Robert

I have 2 applications. The first one I download to flash on adress 0x08000000. First application should copy second app from flash (adress 0x08040000) to RAM which start from 0x20010000.

I'm using Keil 5.

Configuration of first application is:
IROM1: Start: 0x8000000, size: 0x20000
IRAM1: Start: 0x20040000, size: 0x10000

Configuration of second application is:
IROM1: Start: 0x20010000, size: 0x30000
IRAM1: Start: 0x20040000, size: 0x10000
In second app I also uncomment line: #define VECT_TAB_SRAM 

The second application is copied to RAM OK, but it stops on its startup function.

Do I need to repeat the configuration in both applications (for eg. HAL_Init() or SystemClock_Config() functions)?

Have you some advice how to execute second app in RAM?