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F427 - Timer interrupts right after start?

Question asked by on Jan 11, 2016
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Hi Guys,

I am setting up my F427 with a master-slave timer (TIM4->TIM1). TIM4 triggers two capture and compare interrupts, CC2 (CCR2 = 1), and CC4 (CCR4 = 5000). TIM1 is triggered by CC2 signal. 

The behavior of the configuration is correct, unfortunately when I start the master-slave timer with:
/* start slave-timer */
if(IS_TIM_ADVANCED_INSTANCE(TimSlaveHandle.Instance) != RESET)
  /* Enable the main output */
/* Enable the Peripheral */

the interrupts are triggered right after. In this regard I found this link Timer interrupt.

If I debug, the UIF and the UE flags are cleared, but I still get the interrupts of CC2 & CC4. If I read the manual right (p. 520), this is the correct behavior. Am I right? 

In other words, when I start my PWM counter it immediately triggers an interrupt?

Thanks you for your time and help.