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STM32 GPIO not Hi-Z during standby?

Question asked by campbell.jamie on Jan 7, 2016
Hi, similar (but different) issue to a previous posting of mine.

I am seeing PA1 on an STM32F205 get driven low during standby after __WFI()

I was expecting all GPIO to go Hi-Z during standby apart from the pins detailed in the datasheet (and SWD/JTAG pins when sleep-debugging is enabled).

I thought it might be an issue with clocks being disabled before sleep so I am now manually changing PA1 to an input before standby (it's used as an output in my design). There is an external 10K pull-up on PA1, but it still gets driven to 0v during standby.

If I dont enable debug sleep, then the pin behaves as expected, but if I call


before standby, I see this behaviour.

Thanks in advance for any tips.