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Should I use STM32CubeMX for my project?

Question asked by NeekEngineering on Jul 18, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2014 by Montassar BEN ROMDHANE
Hi there,

I have been using STM32F4xx processors for a while, and have always used Microxplorer for code bring up on my previous boards. I just spun a new board and I have been playing around with STM32CubeMX for pin mapping and setting up my peripherals. I think it is a powerful tool and it is very easy to use (although buggy at times). 

I tried the code generation and it seems ok I have been using C/C++ for my code base and most of my peripheral drivers are developed by myself. And since the HAL interface and the way most of the peripheral APIs are handled are completely different from what I'm used to seeing, it will take me a considerable amount of time porting over my existing code to work with STM32CubeMX generated code.

So here are the the questions I have:

  1. What's the future for Cube? 
  3. How long is ST planning to maintain/support the Cube?
  5. Is HAL layer going to stick around for a while and/or similar to MicroXplorer it is going to be discontinued and be replaced by something completely different?
  7. In general, do you guys recommend spending the time to port over my existing code base to use HAL and Cube code generation?
  9. Are there any good examples available online to use as reference?