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Issue when a pin is an EXTI and alternate function at the same time

Question asked by wild.andreas on Dec 28, 2015
Hello to all,

just to inform you about an inconsistency of HAL_GPIO_INIT:

I have a pin which triggers an EXT-Int and is also an input to the timer capture register.
With Standard Peripheral Library configuring EXT-Int and Alternate Function was separate. There was no conflict at all.

Now with in HAL_GPIO_INIT Alternate Function and EXT-Int config is combined.
And here comes the problem:
If you configure the alternate function first and thereafter the external interrupt feature,
the last call to HAL_GPIO_INIT sets the MODER register to input mode!!
So your previous alternate function setting in MODER is gone....

However if you configure the EXT-Int first and thereafter the alternate function everything is ok.

I hope this saves at least a little bit of time to the programmers who have to switch from peripheral lib to CUBE

best regards