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STM32F4discovery + SDIO + DMA + FatFS = low write speed

Question asked by Goshik on Dec 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by Goshik
Hello everyone.

I'm trying to accomplish write speed above 6 Mbyte/sec on a Micro SD card using the STM32F4discovery. However, now I have only ~5.5 Mbyte/sec that is not enough for my purpose.

My configuration is:
CPU frequency: 168 MHz;
SD Card: "Smartbuy", SDHC, 8 Gb, 10 class (the write speed in Windows explorer is ~10 Mbyte/sec);
Card FS: FAT32, 64 kb cluster size, formatted by Windows.
Mode: SDIO 4-bit, DMA, SDIO_CK = 24 MHz;
Wiring: photo;
Basic project: link;
Source code: link.

What can be done to reach the higher speed?

Thanks in advance.