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STM32F446 SPDIFRX to I2S out possible?

Question asked by torgeirs on Dec 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2016 by torgeirs
Do anybody know if STM32F446 SPDIFRX in to I2S out is possible?
The worry is that input samplerate drifts and I2S output samplerate can't be changed without audible artifacts.

I know that the clock PLL N and M has following restriction  'These bits can
be written only when PLL is disabled
So can the PLL be disabled, changed and enabled between two samples?

I have made a program that calculates possible I2S frequencies.
This is around 48kHz SF, MCLK on, samplelength 32.
It looks like about 200ppm drift correction is possible. Max buffer growth about 10 samples/sec ?