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Cube V1.1.1: Why is TIM_CCxNChannelCmd private?

Question asked by wild.andreas on Dec 23, 2015

I use the STM32F2xx.
I need to enable TIM8 OCN Output.
I cannot do that because TIM_CCxNChannelCmd is private.

Second issue with ADC:
If I set ExternalTrigConv = ADC_SOFTWARE_START;
in this case the parameter ExternalTrigConvEdge is don´t care.

However HAL_ADC_Start() checks the ExternalTrigConvEdge parameter for correct values!! and does not check ExternalTrigConv first!

So the user HAS TO init ExternalTrigConvEdge otherwise HAL_ADC_Start() might throw an error with parameter checking.

Will this be fixed in the next release?

best regards