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Custom board design

Question asked by vinnakota.mohan_gand on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by cnoviello
I'm a software dveloper working in Germany. Our company is planning to develop a data logger product with temp,humidity,3-axis and light sensors also with a serial flash memory.
I'm working on nucleo-L053R8 board. Initially i try to develop firmware in keil later on i switched to ARM-MBED. Now i finished programming the coding and I'm concentraing on custom board design. 
Here power consumption is a main issue. We want to have a low power consumption for our product. That is the reason i choose STM32L053R8. 
I do not want to have ST-link to my custom board. I cut the ST link part and i soldered FTDI USB to serial converter. 
I plug jumper to booto and VDD to flash the code to µcontroller through demonstartor GUI. Everything is fine till here. Now my doubt is after cutting of ST link, in the remaining board which components should i use to my custom design. Offcourse i avoid morpho pins and srduino pins.
Can i use only the µcontroller and avoid all capacitors,crystals and resistors?. should i use any oscillators?
I'm newbee for hardware design. Thank you.