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MTP device mode for STM32

Question asked by brandt.thorsten.001 on Dec 20, 2015
I have seen, that there exist  a host mode MTP driver for STM32 in STM32Cube.

Anyway there are ever recurring questions if there is the possibility to write data simultanously in datalogging appliation to an SD Card that is used by an STM32 over USB in MSC device mode.

This is not possible - but is very useful to update the presented data regularly.

The solution is to use MTP device mode on an STM32 USB port for an attached SD Card.

From my perspective ST has done everything in STCube - the SD-Card File-System, the USB-Support, and for host mode the MTP (host mode) support is already there. Is there maybe an option to add here MTP device mode - or has somebody here already implented it in this eco-system ?

I think this small addition could be very valuable for many users of STM32-contolers - please let me know if there is an option now or in the near future to get there ...