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Question asked by Gates on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by tjerneld.mikael

I used STM32CubeMx to generate a simple code.
This code is not compiling with IAR EWARM.

The reason is the following:

#define 8xUSART6_TX_Pin GPIO_PIN_9
#define 8xUSART6_TX_GPIO_Port GPIOF
#define 8xUSART6_RX_Pin GPIO_PIN_10
#define 8xUSART6_RX_GPIO_Port GPIOF

In the mxconstants.h file STM32Cube Mx declared some define starting with a number.
EWARM preprocessor does not support this.

Generally speaking, is there a simple way to report bugs on this kind of code generator instead of using this forum?