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STM32L1 connection from PC3 through COMP1_SW1 to COMP1+

Question asked by Berendi.Peter on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by Berendi.Peter

There are apparently some inconsistencies concerning COMP1_SW1 in the RM0038 Reference Manual (Rev 13).
  • Starting at Page 195, Section 8.3.1, it says COMP1_SW1 is available in Cat.4, Cat.5 and Cat.6 devices.
  • However, Page 342 in Section 14.9.1 says the enable bit for COMP1_SW1 is available in Cat.4 devices only. Moreover, the text states that the switch connects to the negative input of COMP1, but all the drawings show it is connected to the positive one.
  • Figures 26 and 27 in Section 8.2 show a direct connection from PC3/ADC_IN13 to COMP1_SW1 for Cat.3 through Cat.6 devices.
  • However, on Figure 64 in Section 14.4 this connection is missing.
Which controllers do actually have this switch and the connection, and if they are present, does it mean that one can use PC3 as a more direct input to COMP1, bypassing the ADC switch matrix?