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to create stable signal problem with stm32F415RG

Question asked by jordan_saavedra.feli on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2015 by jordan_saavedra.feli
I'm doing a project that is based on the creation of signals with great precision frequency from a 32-bit microcontroller ARM Cortex M4 manufacturer ST, the (STM32F415RG) family. What I'm looking for is accuracy in tenths frequency, eg 2.05 Hz want it to be fair. And it can not, because these are unstable tenths, I'm doing the firmware with the MikroC microelectronics compiler for ARM. I use a timer to interrupt every time you shoot that load a counter value corresponding to the DAC and so on will create the signal. The input values are stored in advance in an array. I see examples of libraries maker ST own an example of creating these signals and what they do is use the DMA and the array data stored there, when the timer counter makes a shot that ends all load DMA values in the DAC and thus gains stability quickly but not what I'm looking for.

Part of the array controller code and the timer interruption when Conclude your accountant. This is what I and made with MikroC.