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STM32 RAM writing issue.

Question asked by mikey on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by mikey

I am having a bit of a mysterious bug in here. I am working on STM32F427 chip and tryin to write a bootloader. I have a problem with copying memory from FLASH to RAM. Looks like there is a specific memory address in RAM towards which I can't seem to write data properly. If in flash memory I have a value 0x12345678 then after copying it to RAM I get 0xXXXX5678 (XXXX- random stuff that was already in RAM). This is happening only in this one particular region and it doesn't help at all what kind of pointers I am using to write to it (uint8_t*, uint32_t*). I have even tried creating a temporary value in RAM and copying to the problematic memory region and the same problem appeared. Memory sections seem to be aligned in linker script (. = ALIGN(4);) and memory addresses coming out of it used in copying seem to be aligned as well. The weird thing is that I can move the whole RAM memory in linker from 0x20000000 to 0x20000200 and the problem is moving to the same address related to the beginning of RAM.

I have replicated the same problem on the STM32F429 Discovery board with the same code.

I have found two other threads with exactly the same issue but with no answers.

I am bit stuck over here and any help will be apprieciated.