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Sector and page size on STM32F072C8

Question asked by sidekick on Dec 8, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by Clive One
I need to find out the sector and page size on my particular SOC, which is STM32F072C8T6. According to the part number information from the data sheet (DM00090510), this is a 64 kB flash memory version. From the reference manual (DM00031936), section 3.2.1, Table 5, it seems that on this system I have a total of 16 sectors with each sector containing two pages of 2kB size each. Thus making each sector 4kB long. I'm referring the IAP program that was provided by ST for STM32F051R8 based evaluation board and this software  (STSW-STM32116) assumes the page size of 1kB. I believe I need to update this and some other information in the IAP driver to use it for my target board (STM32F072C8T6) and hence I'm wondering if this can be done by reading some configuration register to find out the internal memory layout (sector and page layout) . I guess that incorrect sector and page size etc setting might be the reason that I'm getting into this problem.