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Skipping a memory sector with STM32F401

Question asked by jasonas.matas on Dec 8, 2015
Hello, in one of the projects my device regulary goes to standby and I need a place to buffer the data. Since the F4 series do not have so many small sectors and the program already takes over the first 4 smallest sectors of 16KB. Is it possible to bypass one of the sectors? I tried simply changing the ROM memoy reagions inside the linker, but random data still starts to appear in the skipped sector.

I added a printscreen of the skipped memory sector beginning. I changed the memory region to start from 0x08008000 and it goes till the flash end. But the data still appears in the previous sector which start at 0x08004000. The two green bloks are written by me, but the latter data just randomly appears.