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stm32l476 clearing pending bit via bit banding alias

Question asked by Or.Kerem on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by Or.Kerem
Hi All,

Attempting to clear a pending bit in the EXTI_PR1 register via its bit banding alias clears another pending bit as well.

When I try to clear the bit20 (RTC periodic alarm) after wakeup by writing 1 to its alias address 0x422082d0 also clears bit5. 

This behaviour is may be specific to wakeup or RTC alarm interrupt. I havent tested if it clears all bits or some bits. Or it happens only after wakeup.

What I observed though when  I clear the bit20 via its direct address, i.e., "EXTI_PR=1u<<20; " it only clears bit20.

Any ideas or similar experiences?