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question about the SAI clock and example in cubeL4

Question asked by jiang.peng on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by jiang.peng
for the SAI example in cubeL4, it looks like running 22050 sample rate, and the input clock is 11.294M.
I measure the frame len is about 45us which is 1/22050.
Now I develop an audio app runs 44100,  I have checked the data sheet, seems only way is to double the PLLSAI1, but most closest setting I get is 22.85M which is not fit very well.
I think the measured frame len for 44100 sample rate should be about 1/44100=27us. I use this meathod to verify the clock setting.
May I know any guys work on SAI 44100? have the right clock setting(not use external one)? or any setting can based on 11.294MHZ PLLSAI to make 44100 working?

 thanks a lot