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STM32F4 controller suggestion

Question asked by daneil.daneil on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by Amel N
Hello ; 
I am new to the forum ; sorry for my odd quastion ; but since ST dont post the prices of thier controllers like TI , freescale  and microchip ; so I need to ask this question here ; I am switching my design From freescale MKV31F256VLH12 to STM32F4 
I am looking for M4 controller with at least 120MHZ performance ; at least 32 KB RAM ; pin number is not important (32 , 48 , 64 , 100.. ) ; with the lowest price to reduce the cost of the production ; 
While checking on Digikey for comparison the prices I found that freescale prices  is very low with respect to ST ; MKV31F256VLH12 is a very good controller with less than 3$  almost same controller from ST ; So please could you guide me if I can find the lowest cost STM32F4 controller with  at least 120MHZ performance
Thank you inadvanced