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STM32L051R8T8 erase via SPI bootloader

Question asked by baecklund.per on Dec 2, 2015
Hi folks!
The page erase command does not seem to work.
The communication sequence is as follows with replies from the STM inside brackets:
Erase:0x5A [0x79] 0x44 [0xA5] 0xBB [0xA5]
pages:0x00 [0xA5] 0x04 [0x79]
page:0x00 [0x79] 0x00 [0x79]
page:0x00 [0x79] 0x01 [0x79]
page:0x00 [0x79] 0x02 [0x79]
page:0x00 [0x79] 0x03 [0x79]
page:0x00 [0x79] 0x04 [0x79]
Cksm:0x00 [0x79]
Ack:0x00 [0x79] 0x00 [0x79] 0x79 [0x79]
This seems correct but when I read the memory I get 7654 (which I wrote earlier) instead of 0000. Multiple reads give the same result.
Erasing by setting and resetting read protection works, but I would like to erase parts only.

Thank you.