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stm32F746 + sdram problem

Question asked by franzi.edo on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by CrashAndBurn
I have an stm32F746 configured to run @ 216-MHz. My primary memory is an sdram configured on the block 2 (address 0xD0000000).
My memory tests (running from the flash) are all OK (many different tests under different environmental conditions (lower voltage, temperature, etc)).
Now, as soon as I try to execute a small code downloaded into this sdram memory (I verified the code in the sdram), I have an immediate exception (Hard Fault).
I tried many usual actions such as the reduction of the cpu speed, increased the memory timing etc. No way, I can safely read/write in the memory but I cannot execute any code.
On my previous targets (stm32F429) I never had this behaviour. The address 0xD0000000 seems not to be under any cache control.
So, any ideas of why I cannot execute programs on the sdram?