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The ramp time (hDurationms) in MCI_ExecSpeedRamp

Question asked by pr.avanish on Nov 30, 2015
I have successfully implemented the motor control using the STM32 FOC lib using MCI_ExecSpeedRamp() and MCI_StartMotor(). However there seems to be a slightly different behavior when the Ramp time is something other than 0.
MCI_ExecSpeedRamp(oMCI[0],2000/6, 0); -> This reached the desired rpm of 2000 within no time however,
MCI_ExecSpeedRamp(oMCI[0],2000/6, 50); -> This takes much more than 50ms to ramp up to the desired 2000rpm ( measured to be reaching only 1900rpm or so).
Has anyone experienced similar behavior? Please share your thoughts on what could be the problem here or if any more information is needed from my side.