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Where can I find all the examples for the STM32F4Discovery?

Question asked by Trace on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2014 by Neo911
I just purchased an STM32F4Discovery and I'm getting very frustrated before I've even begun working with it.

All the website product pages and documentation say that there are many application firmware examples located at  However, that web page is dead, and just brings up a product catalog.

I keep looking and see other pages that say that the STM32CubeMX now has all the examples.  Everywhere I look, ST's documentation says the Cube has hundreds of examples.  But not a single place tells you how to find them!

There is no obvious menu item, it's not listed in the Help pdf, it's not on the product page.  ST dropped the ball royally on this.  How can they expect new users to use their product if they can't even find the advertised features to get started?

Can someone please tell me how to find all these examples?  And if there are more located somewhere else, I would truly appreciate knowing where.