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LIS3DSH Temperature Output

Question asked by kirchner.stephen.001 on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2016 by Miroslav B
The LIS3DSH was implemented into one of our systems and currently we are having an issue with the Temperature readings across multiple units in the same environment vary from one another up to 15ºC. 
Is there a way to calibrate the temperature on the LIS3DSH, or is it not recommended to use?
The reason we are tracking temperature with it, over a temperature range the values change as described in the datasheet. And during our calibration process we are taking multiple temperature readings and normalizing the variance. 
Is it possible to "reset" the temperature in a controlled environment, or is this something where we would have to use a software offset? 
Also, those that show a large swing between actual temperature and readings, does this cause any adverse effects to the accelerometer measurements?