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Keil MDK-ARM V4.14.4.0 return error 65: access violation

Question asked by romain reicher Employee on Jan 28, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2011 by Clive One

I try to debug and simulate the discover project on MDK-ARM evaluation IDE.
I have no hardware. So i just want to test debug and simulation.
Here below the error message after build and start debug:

Running with Code Size Limit: 32K
Load "C:\\USERS\\MyDev\\STM\\STM32VL-Discovery\\STM32VLDiscovery_Project\\Project\\Demo\\MDK-ARM\\Debug\\DISCOVER.AXF"

*** Restricted Version with 32768 Byte Code Size Limit
*** Currently used: 2020 Bytes (6%)

BS file://discover/main/53, 1
*** error 65: access violation at 0x0000000C : no 'read' permission
*** error 65: access violation at 0x00000000 : no 'execute/read' permission

Can you help me.